Tutors International and its specialist division Sea Tutors is sponsoring 18-year-old Dutch student Tobias Zijlstra to take part in the School at Sea programme between October 2019 and April 2020. The sponsorship will enable Tobias to complete the programme which provides students with the opportunity to continue their schooling whilst aboard a sailing ship.

Tobias is taking responsibility for his educational progress and gaining valuable sailing and travelling experience. Tobias provides a first-hand account of his journey in his Tutors International blog.

School at Sea is a talent development and leadership programme which mirrors Sea Tutors’ values of making the world a classroom and providing academic structure to life on the ocean waves.

Recent blog posts by Tobias

Tobias bids Farewell to 2023 and updates on his studies at Nautical Programme atVlissingen

January 9, 2024
Tutors International mentee, Tobias Zijlstra updates us on how his last term studying on the nautical programme has been going.… Continue reading

Charting a New Course: From University to Nautical College on My Journey to Becoming a Helmsman/Mate

May 11, 2023
The last time that I wrote something for my blog was in November last year.  Since then, there have been… Continue reading

Tobias’ Update on Summer and First Semester Studying on the Nautical Programme at Vlissingen

November 11, 2022
It has been four months since I last wrote a blog. A lot has happened in that time, as I… Continue reading

Another Adventure Begins: Tobias is Off to University!

July 7, 2022
It’s been a while since I last updated my blog and with good reason. The past months I’ve spent as… Continue reading

It’s All About The Journey (To Becoming A Helicopter Pilot)

January 13, 2022
Well, here we are: another December, another lockdown. Our Christmas holiday started a week early to limit the spread of… Continue reading

Turning 18, Life Decisions and Wanting to Fly!

July 8, 2021
I want to feel like what I’m doing really matters. [...] Being a voice to people, protecting them and building things that solve important problems such as energy issues and pollution interests me. Continue reading

Reflection and Learning to Lead

March 1, 2021
It has been almost a year since School at Sea ended. I sometimes think back to the places that I visited and where I was this time last year. Continue reading

Goals and Upcoming Events in 2021

December 24, 2020
My goals and things to look forward to for 2021! Continue reading

LEARNING ABOUT MYSELF: the new normal has me looking to the future

October 22, 2020
Like most of the world, the last few months have been full of changes. I’m still missing life at sea, but I’m adjusting to and embracing the new and altered school environment. Continue reading

Adjusting to home after life at sea

July 6, 2020
The first few days at home after my School at Sea voyage were tough. I had a lot of adjusting to do: even just getting used to living in a house and following family routines again. Continue reading