Recent blog posts by Tobias

Panama – Cuba: from exploring to engineering

April 12, 2020
We spent our final nights in Bocas del Toro, enjoying the pleasant warm evenings and friendly little eateries. After this short break, it was time to go north again to the last island on our Caribbean itinerary: Cuba. Continue reading

Tenerife-Panama in photos: the world is our classroom

February 20, 2020
These images give a glimpse of what it's like to be a young student balancing an academic education with international sea travel: something that is proving to be an unforgettable adventure! Continue reading

Self-reflection at sea: the first independent journey

February 20, 2020
We’ve made it to Panama! The third leg started in the beautifully green Dominica - it's even more green than the Netherlands! In Panama, we celebrated Christmas and went backpacking. Continue reading

The great crossing: Tenerife to Dominica

January 11, 2020
We have just completed our great ocean crossing from Tenerife to Dominica! As we don’t have internet connectivity at sea, I’m able to upload these posts when we dock. Continue reading

Onboard from Amsterdam to Tenerife

January 11, 2020
So, my adventure has begun! We started in Amsterdam, spending a week in the harbour loading supplies. I'm getting used to doing all the things I do at home but in an unfamiliar environment. Continue reading

In photos: the adventure begins

December 4, 2019
School at Sea student Tobias Zijlstra set sail on the Thalassa on 20 October 2019. This photo gallery captures the departure from Amsterdam as the students embark on a six month adventure at sea. Continue reading

My SAS Story Prologue: recording my habits, goals, and skills gained

October 2, 2019
This post is the prologue to a series of six blog posts I will be writing along the way to document my journey. These posts will be summaries of a log that I write for School at Sea called my ‘SAS Story’. Continue reading

School at Sea: practical preparations

September 8, 2019
This post focuses on the preparations I have to make for the journey. The first stage is making sure I have all the equipment I need to take. Continue reading

School at Sea: my fundraising journey

September 4, 2019
Fundraising is the first lesson that SaS (School at Sea) teaches its students. All students with SaS take part in their fundraising training. These sessions also enable us to meet the crew and the other students for the first time. Continue reading

Introduction: about me, Tobias Zijlstra

September 1, 2019
I am Tobias Zijlstra. I am 16 years old, and I live in the Netherlands with my parents and my sister. This year, I will be taking part in School at Sea, a six-month programme which provides students with the opportunity to continue schooling whilst travelling aboard a sailing ship. The global private tuition company Tutors International, which has a specialist sea-based tuition division called Sea Tutors, has provided sponsorship. Continue reading