Blog post by Nampet • December 24, 2020

Things haven’t actually been that different in the second lockdown (except that I could go to school). There’s still no gymnastics – I had to do it on Zoom again, so we’ve been doing it Monday to Friday for two hours a day. Of course, I couldn’t do ballet either, but I have been stretching and practising. I did a lot of stretching during lockdown as I was scared that I was going to get stiff! Another thing I did was watch an awesome Korean show with Mummy called Full House – it was really funny! I enjoyed playing on the pond swings and getting some fresh air too.

School has been very fun as I have been having a good time with my friends as well as doing sports and learning.

I’m looking forward to getting out of lockdown and being able to return to activities! It will mean I can go back to dancing and outside clubs, and hopefully means school can be a bit more normal. I am also looking forward to meeting more friends and seeing my friends outside of school, as some of them I don’t get to see much anymore so it would be nice to have a catchup!

My goals and things to look forward to for 2021:

  1. Finish writing a book.
  2. Learn new moves in gymnastics. Do well in gymnastics and get gold!
  3. Do my dance competition.
  4. Try new activities.
  5. Get over my fear of birds, (slowly!)
  6. Looking forward to Year 8 and turning 12 in May.
  7. Do something good in our community to help fundraising.
  8. Be more independent: ride trains, go to town, go to the park.
  9. Do well in school, tests, subjects and sports. I’d like to get picked to play in a tournament or get an academic award.
  10. Overall be a better person and try and make an impact on the world.
Nampet's Handwritten Goals for 2021