Blog post by Nampet • March 20, 2024

This year has started really positively. I am very happy with my GCSE subject choices and especially pleased with my recent exam results. I achieved 94% in Chemistry and a near-perfect 98% in Latin (only one mark off!). However, the exam I have been most pleased with was my French Speaking.  The French Speaking exam is the one I found the most nerve-wracking.  This exam incorporated role-play rather than just general basic conversation. The role-play format tested my fluency, and to my delight my hard work paid off and I achieved an amazing 44/45!   

The search for Year 10 work experience for this summer has now come to an end. This involved a long time researching and contacting businesses of interest and waiting for responses.

I have been very fortunate to have secured work experience at Lambda Films. Lambda Films are a film production and animation company which perfectly aligns to the industry I hope to go into after school. I am so excited and looking forward to it and cannot wait to learn about how films are made, from shooting to the editing! Apparently it is a very positive and dog-friendly workplace too, which sounds fun!

Breakwater IT, whom I had contacted during the work experience search process, got in touch with me after I had secured my term-time placement at Lambda Films. I was invited for an interview which I attended, as I felt it would still be a good experience.

Breakwater IT are a reputable local company specialising in IT support and services.  The interview went really well and I was really impressed with their positive working environment. Breakwater only offer one or two work placements for students each year.  I was delighted when they said they wanted to offer me a placement.  After explaining I had secured a term-time placement they offered me summer holiday work experience! 

Another work experience that I am really looking forward to this summer is the Aviva Technology work-experience course. This is open to applications from students in Years 10 to Year 13, and allows selected students to get an idea of how technology is used in a multinational insurance company.

The Aviva work experience course is highly selective and securing my place was a great achievement!   I am one of the youngest students that will take the course this year and cannot wait to take this dive into tech and get started!  

At school this year I am a Captain of the Intermediate General Knowledge team. We have been taking part in the UK Schools Challenge competition. Unfortunately we lost our first round as we were playing against last year’s second placed team. As such, we were given another opportunity to play in another section of the competition, the Highest Scoring Losing Team! In our second and most recent match, we beat the opposing team!  It was tough, but I have enjoyed the challenge!